Building Surveyors

500 / Hour
Min. Qty
10 Hours
We provide Quanity surveying, Qs, BOQ, Estimate And Cost Consultancy for Residential, Commercial, Shopping Mall, Institutional, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, MS structure, bridge, road, Airport, Water Park, transmission lines, power substation, wooden work etc.We offer customized solutions with respect to cost management and quantity surveying services. Our team of experts is skilled in drafting unambiguous contract documents that helps us to avoid disputes and ensure timely delivery of projects. Cost analysis refers to the process of setting rates for different components of construction such as labour, materials, machinery, transport and overhead expenses. Similarly, cost management includes in civil, finishing, landscape, electrical, HAVC, plumbing firefighting etc.:Cost consultations, Cost estimations, Cost planning, Cost control, Budget monitoring, Value engineering, Suggestions for determining cost limits and budgets, Preparation of detailed Measurement Books (MBs) and Bill of Quantities(BOQ), Creation of estimates for various engineering works.